By 2025 268 million children will have problems with excess weight

The world day of obesity, the scientists issued a report of disappointing data. If the situation over the next few years will not change, the number of obese children by 2025 will increase to 268 million, says The Hindustan Times.

Particularly acute problem in developed countries. The leaders knocked out India and China, gradually approaching the performance of the United States. The main problem, experts say, is disturbed body reaction to glucose. Due to problems with metabolism, diabetes, illness, old and lazy, can develop in a very young people. To pathology from year to year are not younger, doctors recommend to prevent. Kids should eat right and not overeat.

The younger generation must realize the harm caused to human body fatty and high-calorie food, say researchers from Vanderbilt University. Children should be explained the consequences of regular binge eating and the use of fast food as your primary source of calories.

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