By 2021, Japan plans to launch a satellite search for water on Mars

As reported by the local newspaper "Asahi", the government of Japan's decision about running by the beginning of 2021 ultra small satellite, which will conduct the search for water on Mars.

Media reported that in the process of development of a satellite participates the University of Tokyo and the state University of communication and information technologies of Japan. It is assumed that the weight of the device will not exceed one hundred pounds. The device is equipped with a large variety of sensors that are programmed to detect in the atmospheric layers of the planet's oxygen and water.

However, the government of Japan has not yet decided on the choice of the launch vehicle, through which will be the launch of the satellite. Upon successful development, Japan for the first time will bring the device into orbit of the planet Mars, and his help will conduct various studies of the planet.

In the late 1990-ies to Mars Japan was launched space probe "Nozomi", however, all of his equipment is out of order.

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