Buying supplements with calcium and vitamin D is a waste of money

Many experts recommend that older people take medications with calcium and vitamin D in order to provide additional protection against fractures. A recent study of American experts found that those people who act like that just throw money to the wind.

The author of acts Advisory group U. S. Preventive Services Task Force, which works for the U.S. government. Through her study revealed that women receiving menopausal small doses of calcium and vitamin D does not bring them any benefit. But even more sad is the fact that taking on the advice of doctors 400 units of vitamin D and greater than 1000 mg of calcium every day, they face a serious risk of their kidney stones.

Calcium and vitamin D needed for bone people were strong and healthy, and in persons of advanced age, bone mass decreases, thereby increasing the risk of fracture. With this purpose, many older people begin to use the substances as additives. American experts recommend to make up their deficit with the help of special diets and sunbathing.

The supplementation with calcium and vitamin D is appropriate in cases when they are prescribed to those suffering from osteoporosis of the elderly. If a woman is assigned to these additives, does not suffer from these diseases, their admission would not give her anything. Meanwhile, in the group's report says nothing about whether it is useful taking these women before the onset of menopause. Additionally, it is also not talking about strengthening bone mass in men.

According to statistics, 56 percent of women older than 60 years in the United States use medications with vitamin D, and more than 60 percent of the additive containing calcium.

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