Buying prescription drugs will take only 5 days

The Ministry of Health intends to be introduced from 1 July 2013 the new forms for recipes. They will differ from the old in several fundamental characteristics.

The size of the new forms will be 10x15 cm, in addition they will be printed on paper pink shade. The number of items to fill your doctor will also be changed. In the new form will need to specify the age of the patient ( to note, child or adult recipe), the number of obligatory medical insurance policy of the patient. On the form you will need to put not only the signature and stamp of the physician, but also the seal of the head of moderanization, in turn, the pharmacy must submit to form a mark on the implementation of required medications with date, drug name, signature of the pharmacist, and printing. For every name drugs will be required to fill out a new recipe, and the expiration date of the blank seals - not more than 5 days. Forms for prescriptions will be issued under strict accounting and stored in cabinets with limited access.

Milorganite will not have the right to keep a stock of forms more than three months needs to hand the doctor will be issued not more than 10 pieces of stationery. A special Commission at the organization should be at least once a month to check the availability of forms.

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