Butter in small amounts is not harmful to health, scientists

On the contrary, small portions of butter and healthy body. Scientists from tufts University have proved that the talk about the dangers from butter – only speculation. In the study they analysed information about health status and diet of 6.5 million people from 15 countries. The results tells the newspaper The Times of India.

Almost 30 thousand people during the study died, and another 10 thousand doctors have identified diseases of the cardiovascular system, 24 thousand – diabetes of the second type. Scientists have found that people with diseases of the cardiovascular system fear of butter is not necessary. There are more harmful products that we don't pay attention, using them daily.

Note that every day there are sandwiches, scientists and doctors do not recommend. An excess of carbohydrates and fats significantly increases the likelihood of obesity and diabetes. People who care about their health, scientists suggest substituting butter with margarine, soy or olive oil. In General small portions of butter on health does not affect.

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