Bullying consequences of Smoking backfire

Some types of combat youth Smoking can cause the opposite effect. Researchers from the University of Georgia found that smokers usually psychologically adapt to videos that teach about the deadly dangers of Smoking.

Nervous people after such rollers are scared, they have increased eurotecnet, and they are opposite, often begin to smoke to calm down.

Thus, thus to influence the Smoking habits among neurotic people is almost impossible.

In the study participated 200 College students aged 18 to 31 years, they filled out questionnaires about personality type and watched three different video about the fight against Smoking. High levels of neurotic, together with the desire to avoid listening to or watching a scary video, has led to the fact that neurotically students said .the video filmed from a biased point of view and not very reliable.

Probably positive motivation in the fight against Smoking may be more effective than negative.

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