Buckwheat diet - principle of operation and rules of nutrition

Buckwheat diet, not every person will be able to withstand, as it is quite hard. Had been popular fasting days once in 7 days, during which time prepared buckwheat in the amount of 800 g without the use of additives and ate 6 receptions.

Now to get rid of excess inches nutritionists have developed diets for weight loss, including buckwheat diet. It may be some related items. Only the most persistent "slimming" can apply a mono-diet - eat buckwheat porridge without additives.

It may be noted that buckwheat is rich in calories, 100 grams contains 313 calories. In addition, it found 19 not previously studied micro and macro elements, yet it is rich in phosphorus, iron salts, oxalic acid, iodine, calcium and several vitamins b, PP, P and such a valuable substance, such as rutin.

When the diet the body are split internal fats to get so necessary for his life fast carbohydrates in buckwheat porridge, they are present in insufficient quantity.

Buckwheat diet with the addition of kefir

Follow a diet 7 or 14 days, followed by a break of 30 days. Dietary fiber buckwheat will be excreted from the body the existing fat from the adipose tissue, and with it - 7-12 kg of excess weight. Oil, salt and sugar in the cereal, not add.

To cook porridge is not difficult: the croup should consider (1 Cup), pour over boiling water and drain. Again pour cereal boiling water (1.5 St) and wrap the pan with a blanket. Infuse porridge 8 hours.

Eat porridge day as much as you need to overcome feelings of hunger. Dinner for 4 hours before bedtime. Before a meal (per half hour) or after (hour) you can drink kefir (1 liter). The use of porridge does not combine with yogurt or other liquid to avoid output needed for the digestion of buckwheat gastric juices and violations of acidity in the stomach and the small intestine.

Between meals you need to replenish your body with water (without gas - 1,5-2 l), green tea, adding a slice of lemon to protect the gastrointestinal mucosa from alien putrefactive bacteria, vitamin tea using herbs that contribute to weight loss and cleansing of blood when diet.

Blood purifying tea: sea buckthorn, celandine leaf pumpkin seeds, Pansy, birch and a sheet of white mulberries are mixed in the same weight parts. Zaparivajut as tea, 2 tablespoons to 1 Cup of boiling water in the teapot. After 20 min drink before a meal (per hour) not more than 50 ml 4 times per day.

Mono-diet is observed without the use of yogurt. Out of the diet you intake prandial glass of warm water with flower pollen (1 teaspoon) and honey (1 teaspoon). For Breakfast eat wholemeal bread (50-100 g), egg or skinny cheese (100 g). Lunch - vegetable soup or vegetables with low-fat fish or meat. Eating buckwheat porridge with the addition of a small amount of raw vegetables, including onions or garlic, grated fruit.

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