Bruxism in children - what to do?

Many parents are afraid when their child starts in a dream to grit the teeth. And really, the reason for experiences is, therefore, together with specialists immediately to identify the cause of this "grinding". Recently it was believed that this is the most grinding (for scientific "bruxism") occurs in patients helminthic invasion. In such situations, children were treated at the infectious diseases and Parasitologists for a long time.

Now experts say that actually the causes of bruxism is the inflammation and itching of the gums. In such cases, nice saves rinsing the mouth with stopengine or pharmacy chamomile, as well as drugs like septolete and farinheit. By the way gnashing may occur due to improper bite, so in the last two cases, you should visit the dentist.

The most common cause is excessive activity crumbs, even when in sleep facial muscles are tense. Everybody is well aware of this situation when we're in a fit of anger, strongly grits his teeth. Now, not having reacted to this situation in the afternoon, the voltage remains after falling asleep, and the child will hold the teeth at night.

How to help to relax the baby?

Before going to sleep, soak the towel in warm water, squeeze it and apply as a compress to the jaw on both sides. This method relaxes the muscles and helps the child to sleep.

Bathrooms with relaxing essential oils and sea salt too well will relax the right muscles, and the crumb will not squeak during sleep teeth. Also with these same oils can before going to sleep to do massage the jaw.

Often bruxism passes in children over the years, and according to the observations of experts very often it occurs in adults.

In any case, in addition to professional help, you need to arrange for the child's healthy lifestyle. The kid should abandon computer games, watching TV and eating a heavy dinner. It is best to replace it all the walks in the fresh air.

Check that the child tried not to compress the teeth during the day, but it is better that the teeth do not touch each other.

Give the child more raw carrots, apples and cabbage. May he as carefully as possible chews it all, thus, the chewing muscles will be relaxed and at night they will simply be not to stress. Also it is necessary to exclude some products from the diet: animal fats, refined sugar, coffee, and products containing artificial preservatives and dyes.

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