Brown eyes are trusted by the people

The results of a study published in the journal PLоS One shed light on a very interesting fact: people with brown eyes are able to trust more than their blue-eyed cousins.

Some people believe that facial you can define human nature, and about its reliability and honesty say eye color and shape of the chin. Physiognomists, which is unscientific, but rather a vast area of knowledge-haired man, in most cases, honest, and owners of large chins - people strong and direct.

But a series of experiments conducted by scientists from the Prague University named Carl, showed that the owners of brown eyes cause greater trust at first sight.

The study consisted in the fact that the volunteers were shown on the screen the faces of men and women, and were asked to assess the degree of trust that caused that, or the other person. Scientists wanted to determine the effect of eye color and shape of people's faces on the responses of the participants of the experiment.

As it turned out, round and round features male faces characterized their owners, as people reliable, while similar signs on the women's faces special didn't matter.

But most scientists were surprised by the fact that more than 60% of persons who at first glance one could trust, was "endowed with" brown eyes, and not, as was supposed, blue.

With additional testing, the researchers tried to determine whether eye color determining criterion. For this purpose we have prepared two sets of images, one of which was attended by persons with the same eye color, but different traits, and on the other the same facial features with eyes of different colors.

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Head of research Karel Kleisner came to the conclusion that brown-eyed people took special trust. And it was not only eye colour. People tend to trust the owners of those types of persons who have dark eyes, this is likely due to more "drawn" features.

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