Brooklyn-based artist is going to give birth in public

Marnie Kotak intends to give birth to her baby in an art gallery in Brooklyn, raising the status of the delivery to the level of art.

Our society has many related with the sorts of questions that I can answer their action, writes Kotak, most women will relate to your own body lightly, although the ability to give birth is the greatest power of women.

Now Kotak on the eighth month of pregnancy. On the day of delivery, the access performance is not all, only a small group of people with whom she is acquainted personally and talked about the exhibition. Moreover, the artist still thinking about the health of the child, which excessive attention may hurt.

Although prior to birth, there is little time left, will there be such a representation is not completely clear, the hour of birth of the child is appointed for the period from 8 October to 7 November, before this time Kotak itself will equip the gallery for "show". However, this is not the last "art work" Kotak, she also plans to carry out installations on the theme of "growing up child X", putting in the spotlight daily parenting.

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The project showed increased attention to all kinds of media, but she calls herself a modest Creator who cares about art.

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