Bronchitis of the smoker - causes, symptoms, treatment

Sooner or later, every person who suffers from such bad habits as Smoking, is faced with a serious disease, bronchitis of the smoker. By the way, from such ailments are more likely to suffer men, not women.

Long time smokers familiar morning cough, whereby eliminated from the lungs of mucus. However, this condition in the early stages of disease development of anxiety in patients is virtually. Here are just a cough every day becomes more pronounced, deteriorating quality of life.


In addition to tobacco smoke, bronchitis of the smoker can be caused by exposure to mucous membranes of the bronchi during a long period of time, all kinds of harmful impurities (exhaust, industrial pollution, etc. contained in the air. Also the cause of chronic bronchitis may be a violation of the functions of breathing, the background for the development which serves as a kind of pathology, chronic infection or purulent process in the lungs.

In any case, chronic bronchitis in any way associated with either active or passive Smoking. This disease can develop even a man who is not himself a smoker, but tobacco smoke is inhaled regularly, because in this case the smoke penetrates immediately into the lungs. Provoke cough combustion products resin and paper.

In chronic bronchitis, smoker's possible to speak about the violation of the patient drainage of lung function. This usually gives rise to the development of new infections.


The symptoms of bronchitis of the smoker develops gradually, not delivering, at first, the patient is of particular concern. A few years people may worry about slight shortness of breath and a slight cough. During exacerbation of the disease the patient is attacking heavy cough with sputum. Then alternating periods of remission and exacerbations, which are caused by various diseases and adverse weather conditions (wet and cold air).

If you do not start treatment on time, you may develop a severe bronchial obstruction. The patient is thus observed narrowing of the bronchi, which is constantly progressing. This is evidenced by intensively ranging wet cough that bothers the man from the morning until the first cigarette you smoked. In a patient suffering from bronchitis of the smoker, often there is a shortness of breath, which may occur even in a state of peace.


To start the treatment of bronchitis of the smoker from Smoking cessation. Of course, completely cure this disease, especially in advanced cases, will not succeed, but we can hope for a significant prolongation of the remission period. In any case, Smoking cessation gives only positive results. In the first morning cough may worsen, this will be separated very viscous sputum. Deteriorating General condition of man, it gets harder to breathe. On the seventh day after the refusal of cigarettes symptoms reaches a maximum, which causes many smokers to return to addiction. Those who managed to survive this short term draw attention to the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms and significant improvement in health.

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To alleviate the suffering of the patient in the first week of Smoking cessation physician may assign special nicotine-containing medications, as well as vasodilator and preparations to facilitate the removal of mucus. In addition to medical treatment is recommended, in consultation with the attending physician, to use traditional medicines and to adhere to a special diet. Sometimes, in moments of acute illness, the patient may need treatment in hospital.

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