Broccoli protects the cartilage from damage

Scientists at the University of East Anglia began conducting clinical trials in humans after a series of tests conducted in the laboratory, writes the BBC. Glucoraphanin is a plant compound that is found in large quantities in Brussels, cabbage, broccoli. Until recently discovered three basic properties of the substance: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anticancer. Now scientists say about the ability glucoraphanin to block harmful enzymes that have a devastating effect on the cartilage.

The trial was attended by 20 people every day for two weeks, eat 100 grams of broccoli, which, according to scientists, contains the maximum concentration of a given substance.

Glucoraphanin, getting into the human body, is converted into sulforaphane, has protective for cartilage tissue properties. Now scientists are on the verge of understanding whether sulforaphane in cartilage, protecting them at the cellular level.

The planned establishment of a second control group of 20 people, who will have surgery knee replacement. Comparison of scientists will conduct during the operation. So doctors will be able to clearly prove or disprove his theory.

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