Broccoli helps in the treatment of autism - researchers

To such conclusion scientists when conducting research involving 44 people aged from 13 to 27 years. Each volunteer was diagnosed with severe or moderate form of autism.

Volunteers were divided into two groups. The first group of 26 people received the required daily dose of sulforaphane. This substance is abundant in broccoli. The second group received placebo and were used for comparison of results, writes Science World Report.

At the end of the study, the researchers conducted a series of tests. In the first group treated with sulforaphane, there had been an improvement in communication and establishing social contacts. The effect scientists have discovered for the fourth week of treatment. Sulforaphane, experts say, is beneficial to the nervous system, however, has a peak efficiency. After 22 weeks of receiving special progress scientists have found.

Interestingly, sulforaphane is the first effective substance, giving a response on the scale of social response. Scientists plan to conduct additional, more global and mass studies to confirm the data obtained.

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