Broccoli helps in the fight against cancer - scientists

Sulforaphane is one of the nutrients contained in color and Brussels sprouts. Scientists have found that sulforaphane has anti-cancer effect. Recent studies confirm its effectiveness in the treatment of autism and the restoration of speech. Proven antibacterial properties of matter.

The highest concentration of sulforaphane is logged in broccoli. Experts from pharmaceutical companies Evgen has released the first version of the tablet with sulforaphane. Research has shown that substance slows down the development of cancer process.

He is now preparing to test drugs on 50 patients with breast cancer, 90 stroke patients, patients with prostate cancer, reports Zee News.

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Sulforaphane is an active biological compound, however, its stability is poor. Scientists from the company Evgen made the first attempt to stabilize the substance. The drug is available in form of capsules or tablets.

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