Brits spend on food 41-minute, day - statistics

Have you ever wondered how many spend the absorption of food a day? Scientists from Britain conducted a study and estimated that the average resident spends on food intake 41 minute of every day. Being so busy at work and lack of free time cause for Breakfast, for example, paid about eight minutes.

Lunch, the main meal. The British spend an average of 13 minutes 45 seconds, at dinner - 19 minutes 27 seconds. Many people eat on the job, not looking up from the computer and papers. Do that 30% of Britons.

Less time to food for the group of people aged 24-44 years. They have three meals takes 36 minutes. Surprisingly, over the last few years the period of time for food among the modern inhabitants of Britain has increased. In 2011, the figure was 39 minutes.

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Most rush while eating is concerned gastroenterologists. It is impossible for 10 minutes to fully absorb 1-3 meals. In addition, the time required for the digestion of food. As a result, the majority of British adults suffer from diseases of the digestive tract, and gastritis with reflux disease have become relative variant of the norm.

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