Briton after coma spoke in another language

81-year-old Alan Morgan from Somerset in the UK began to speak in another language once spent 3 weeks in the hospital. Your native English Morgan forgot.

In the hospital he got after a stroke, in which the British fell into a coma. After coming out of his coma, Alan tried to speak with treating his doctors, but no one understood him.

The study showed that the pensioner has developed the disease aphasia, during which sometimes affected the speech Department of the cortex. According to doctors, this disease is a consequence of stroke.

The doctors of the local hospital were surprised at this manifestation of the disease as often, patients with a similar diagnosis begin to have difficulty speaking and difficulty perception of foreign speech. Case of Alan Morgan is very rare.

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Himself a Brit told me that as a child he spent a year living in North Wales, and then in 1944 he returned to England and never had the opportunity to learn the Welsh language.

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