British the weather Bureau: the coming year will be hotter 2012

According to the weather Bureau in the UK, the average temperature in a year, which is 14 degrees Celsius, in the future 2013 will rise by 0.57 degrees (the amplitude of the prediction was of 0.43 - 0.71 degrees).

As noted by British experts, 2013 will be included in the top most hottest years in history observations, which was started in the 50 th year of the last century, and it will be hotter than the year of 2012.

The year 2012 was not cold, and his temperature he went to the same ten hottest years and took ninth place. The average temperature of the planet rises 0.48 degrees relative to the average long-term rate.

Indicators about the temperature on the planet is the world meteorological organization, which has been based on observations of three sources: the British Meteorological office in cooperation with the University of East Anglia, as well as two institutes from the USA.

As reported previously, the specialists of the Institute of climate research in Potsdam and members of the nonprofit organization "Climate Analytics", by 2100, the temperature of the climate on the planet will rise by four degrees.

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