British sociologists have found the most common reasons for having sex

Conducted a sociological survey found that women are more likely to use sex as a reward for their men for good behaviour. As the highest manifestation of this good behavior of women consider the things done around the house. To this opinion of sociologists from the UK after the poll. He found that women can achieve almost everything from their loved ones. And it's all thanks to sex as a reward. This is why men is useful to perform household chores such as washing dishes or cleaning the floors.

Just in the survey participated 1994 people of both sexes, which experts asked whether they used sex as a reward for his partner. Responded positively to this question, 65 percent of women and 11 percent of men. After this, the researchers asked under what circumstances sex was used as a reward.

The five most common answers among women turned out to be the following: assistance in household chores (39%), thanks for the gift (34%), child care (28%), cooking (21%) and delivery at the place by car (19%). Among the responses of men five most popular were: watching sports (35%), home care (31%), car (29%), child care (22%) and the permission to conduct activities with friends (17%).

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And 8 percent of women reported that it had awarded its partners sex because they gave them the opportunity to relax for a while from sex. Meanwhile, none of the men likewise did not respond.

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