British smokers will dead yet from bad habits

The British Department of health initiated an anti-tobacco campaign for the citizens of the country, in the centre of which was the image of a cigarette, which affected cancer, the BBC reports.

By order of the Department were removed videos that demonstrate the smokers of cigarettes, which resulted in cancer tumors, with each puff. At this time, is the narration in which the narrator reports that in humans, vacarisses 15 cigarettes, there are mutations that lead to cancer.

The cost of this campaign is 2.7 million pounds, and it absorbed posters and videos awesome content that will be placed on billboards, on the Internet and on television. The campaign will start on December 28 and will last 9 weeks.

Previous campaign against Smoking in the UK was launched in 2004. Then it included images of the cigarettes, from which dripped fat squeezed out of the blood vessels of smokers.

To conduct a new campaign inspired statistical data, which showed that more than 1/3 of smokers in the UK at the moment believe that information about the risks associated with Smoking are greatly exaggerated.

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Every year in the UK die from the disease, the cause of which is Smoking, more than 100,000 people.

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