British scientists: the secret of fast weight loss is opened

Scientists from the UK have discovered the secret of quick weight loss. It turns out that you should not bother exhausting diets, causing all sorts of harm to the body - just a good chew.

According to experts from Birmingemski University, the body of those people who thoroughly chew food before swallowing, are better absorbed calories. By chewing each bite of food at least half a minute, the probability of loss increases, and people that take longer to chew, eat less and it is easier for them to refuse dinner.

To conduct this experiment, the participants were divided into three groups. All of them were asked sandwiches with ham and cheese. The first group ate a meal as usual, the participants of the second group chewed food in 10 seconds, and the process of chewing the participants of the third group took 30 seconds. As a result, the third group refused dessert, which was proposed some time after sandwiches.

The results of the study showed that if a person chews food no less than half a minute, then he loses the desire to eat something in the evening. Because of this, the total number collected per day of calories is significantly reduced, which allows to simplify the process of goodenia.

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In addition, prolonged chewing destroys the taste of food, so a similar way to "overpower" only the most motivated.

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