British scientists: the growth of men is set in the relationship of both sexes

A well-known fact that men prefer women smaller growth than themselves. This is why scientists have tried to find out what should be the difference in growth between a man and a woman, and what does it actually.

Scientists from the University of Groningen found that, in any case, a man should be a few inches taller than the woman, and this opinion is shared by most of the world's population. Meanwhile, both sexes have on this account their own opinion.

Women want next to them Chevalier was twenty inches higher than themselves. As for men, they are not satisfied with such a huge difference in growth, and they are quite enough, so she was at least 7.5 centimeters.

In order to establish the ideal height of a person, researchers conducted a survey among more than 50 thousand people. It turns out that the ideal height for men is 1 meter 90 centimeters, while in women, it should be no less than 1 meter 74 cm.

According to the authors of the study, any man on a subconscious level, looking for a woman, the growth of which are smaller than him. At the same time a woman wants a man who is next to her, would have been higher by a few inches than she. According to the author of the study, an evolutionary psychologist Geert Stolpa, to explain this phenomenon there are two versions. One of them is biological in nature, as it is believed that the higher growth men, the more offspring he may leave. That is, in this case, we are talking about his fertility.

The second theory is that tall man is more courageous, meanwhile, was a tall woman is the exception to the rule and violates cultural norms.

The study found that 92% of couples in the UK men have a higher growth than women. And only 4% of couples women are higher than men. In 3.5% of cases, both man and woman have the same growth that, according to the researchers, is quite rare.

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