British scientists propose to remove Diclofenac from circulation

Drug Diclofenac got into the field of view of scientists from the London medical College. Based on the research, scientists are sounding the alarm and demand to ban the drug, which, in their opinion, may cause a number of complications, writes The Telegraph.

Recall that Diclofenac is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that is often prescribed after surgery and for pain in the joints.

British scientists have found that in addition to the negative impact of the mentioned drug in the stomach and intestines, it increases the risk of stroke or heart attack by 40 percent. In the UK alone, every year doctors write about 5 million assignment of Diclofenac. Someone takes it constantly, and someone - as a means of a single therapy.

In any case, the risk from Diclofenac" comparable only with the risk of the drug "Vioxx", also means to treat arthritis, which in time was withdrawn from circulation in 2004 year. Vioxx increased the risk of stroke by 45 percent.

It should be noted that Diclofenac has found its advocates who claim that the drug still does more good than harm, because some people are just not able to live with the pain. So experts recommend to simply reduce the dose of the drug received and to shorten the duration of his treatment.

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