British scientists plan to develop a thin and durable condoms

Contraception is constantly being improved. On the eve of British scientists announced the possibility of production of condoms graphene with the addition of latex. This mixture will provide maximum strength and will be able to minimize the thickness of the barrier. In 2015 it is planned the opening of the office for a hundred people for the development and production of condoms new generation, reports the BBC.

Previously, graphene was used to create technical devices: phones, laptops, cameras. However, recent studies have shown that the material has a much wider application. British scientists have picked up the idea and proposed to develop on the basis of modern substances condoms, which will include a traditional latex that provides the malleability and ductility.

Development has already received a grant from the bill & Melinda gates Foundation in the amount of 100 thousand dollars. Scientists plan to create the finest and most durable condoms in the world that will allow you to get maximum pleasure from the intimate contact.

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It should be noted that the graphene is extremely durable derived carbon. Its structure represents only one layer of atoms, connected by a special chemical bonds with a honeycomb structure. This material while maintaining subtlety can have a huge margin of safety that accounts for its main scope.

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