British scientists have made a medical dream interpretation

Dreams are an integral part of human rights. Some people have dream interpretation, which describes the interpretation of dreams. Scientists believe that the correct interpretation of information from a dream can give a lot of information about the availability of certain diseases. Such a conclusion was made by scientists at the University of Loughborough, UK.

British scientists have made a specific medical dream interpretation, which describes the relationship between certain dreams and diseases. It turns out that frequent nightmares can be a cause of migraines, pathology of the cardiovascular system, medication group beta-blockers. In General, the nightmares, scientists believe, related to the impairment or deterioration of blood flow in the brain during sleep. It causes a terrible dream.

Quick dream that one sees, one by one, may be due to too high or too low temperature in the room. In addition, the frequency of dreams can influence the antidepressant or the presence of chronic pain, for example, in the joints or the back.

The dreams in which people try to escape from someone or trying to kill characters for Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's. Such dreams can be the first sign of development of the given pathology of the nervous system. Scientists say that such dreams can be the norm when people are overworked or have experienced on the eve of a very intense emotional experience.

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Vivid dreams usually have after alcohol intake, acute infectious diseases and other toxic influences on the brain. Erotic dreams, they note, are not usually associated with sexual desires. Such dreams are coming more often to older people and they are determined by the increased creativity of the brain.

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