British scientists have learned how to identify a heart attack 10 years prior to its occurrence

Scientists from the British research Institute heart has created a device that detects the risk of heart attack within 10 years prior to its possible occurrence. The device is called Globorisk, with his help, the doctor predicts the risk of cardiovascular disease: stroke, heart attacks and other dangerous conditions.

For analysis Globorisk uses data on blood cholesterol, blood pressure taking into account age, sex, bad habits and other factors. In automatic mode, the machine calculates the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system in the human subject.

Scientists conducted a test Globorisk on volunteers from 11 countries. It turned out that at low level of lifetime risk of dying from heart attacks and strokes is much higher. Most die of heart disease in China, Mexico, and other developing countries.

In developed countries (Spain, Denmark) cardiovascular disease is seen in 5-10% of the population, whereas in China this figure rises to 30-35%.

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