British scientists have identified the colors conducive to good sleep

It is known that the color of the clothes or the surrounding objects affects the internal state of the person and their mood. Also, the color has a direct impact on night sleep.

British researchers conducted a study of 2,000 homes, which were located in the UK. As a result of a scientific experiment were set pretty interesting facts. For example, the blue tones on the walls of bedrooms and bed linen such as color experts considered most useful for night rest, and thus also for human health. The inhabitants of the houses, bedrooms were painted in these colors, slept much longer than the others: their son was 8 hours, and after you Wake up they feel cheerful and had a good mood.

According to scientists, a similar effect is achieved because of the blue shades have a soothing effect, relieves tension and stress. In addition, the above shades lowers blood pressure and reduce elevated heart rate. Good calming effect also has green color: the British, who fell asleep in the bedroom, painted in this color palette, slept 7 hours and 40 minutes.

As for the red and purple hues, the researchers do not recommend to paint the walls of the bedroom in these colors, as they do not contribute to the peace, and Vice versa, are stimulating. Also is not conducive to sleep and brown color because it is recognised by experts to be overly dreary and depressing.

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