British scientists have found the cause of female treachery

Experts from the UK tried to understand what motivates women to commit adultery. Professor Eric Anderson (University of Winchester) secretly watched the conversation on a Dating site. On the website was acquainted not only single people, but also those who are married have been married and was looking for a connection on the side.

The scientist had to read more than 42 thousand lines of text to draw a conclusion: women are not enough thrills, the search for a new sex partner is usually not associated with a desire to divorce.

Unlike men, women are sometimes not enough romance, understanding, attention. These feelings they are trying to find new friends. Eric Anderson is confident that before the betrayal of the majority of women seeking affection from her lawful husband.

So, the cause of finding a new partner banal boredom and semilunate old relations. Here and there is a desire to have a lover.

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