British scientists have found an effective treatment for blood cancer

A group of scientists from Leicester University in the course of research have made a breakthrough in Oncology. Eve had found a new tool for the treatment of blood cancer - hairy cell leukemia. This form of cancer is one of the most aggressive and often leads to the rapid deterioration of patients.

Interestingly, innovative discovery - an old drug used to produce skin tumors, such as melanoma. It turned out that imouraren able to act not only in oncological process of the skin, the agent has activity against blood cancer.

Scientists were surprised by the results. Imouraren cured volatility leukemia in a short time, is not comparable with standard therapy in efficiency. However, there are concerns that the drug causes only short-term remission. Is this true? Prove further testing.

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At the moment scientists are conducting a longer study the effect of the drug on the body of a cancer patient person. It is possible that imouraren will become a new element of cancer treatment and will replace a less sophisticated tools.

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