British scientists have discovered a gene happiness

A group of scientists from the UK have found that a good mood is partially a response to a specific gene. The structure was called 5-NTT. It is believed that this gene determines the velocity of propagation of serotonin (a substance that improves the mood) on nerve fibers.

The discovery proves the fact that the mood may depend not only on the outside world. As it turned out, some of it has already instilled in us at a genetic level. The study, which included 2.5 thousand Americans, proves that people with a high degree of gene expression 5-NTT in General are more likely to experience joy and positively perceive reality.

It should be noted that previously, scientists from the USA have found a gene that allows women to experience a profound sense of happiness. The gene was named MOA. He is responsible for the processing of serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline. It turned out that the high activity of this genetic patterns consistent with a much better emotional mood in women, and the presence in the DNA of two copies of MOA maintained constant positive Outlook on the world.

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