Breast cancer can't be treated with chemotherapy, experts say. Scientists have proved the positive effect of the new scheme of treatment for the disease. The positive effect observed at 10-11 days after the start of therapy.

We are talking about a combination of two drugs: Lapatinib and Trastuzumab. Note that both medications will be effective only among patients with HER2 mutation. The method was tested on 257 patients with aggressive forms of breast cancer. 87% were able to achieve a positive result, 17% of the tumor decreased, 11% of physicians registered complete disappearance of cancer.

The combination of the two drugs allowed patients to avoid multiple cycles of chemotherapy. And scientists do not hide side effects from taking Lapatinib and Trastuzumab. In a quarter of cases medications cause diarrhea, another five percent – problems with the heart. However, side effects from the chemotherapy much more.

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