British scientists have developed a unique method of detecting cancer using sugar

In the British capital, 9 July, scientists from the local medical College has developed a unique technology for detecting cancer using sugar. It may be safer for a person alternative to radioactive radiation, RIA Novosti reported.

The new method is called glucoCEST, or chemical glucose exchange saturation transfer. It is based on the fact that cancer cells several times consume more glucose than healthy. It is this property that will help you become a sugar, a kind of litmus test in the process of identifying cancerous tumors. So, by introducing into the organism a special glucose solution, you can use MRI to identify what parts of the body there is a large accumulation of sugar. The data part of the body will be highlighted in the fMRI.

Currently, the technology glucoCEST successfully passed the first test in mice. According to scientists, this method can become much cheaper alternative to existing methods of detecting tumors. It is the cost of this surgery is a crucial factor in the promotion of the new method, since a large portion of the population cannot afford to undergo radiotherapy.

It is also important that this surgery requires a small amount of glucose, which can be compared with a small chocolate bar. This makes it possible procedure for people who suffer not the glucose tolerance. Currently actively preparing for research on humans. About the necessity of introduction of new methods for the detection of cancer is the fact that radiotherapy is contraindicated many people, for example, pregnant women or children. Perhaps it glucoCEST will be a kind of panacea of our time, as once the penicillin.

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