British scientists have developed a special glowing bandage for burns

It is known that burns should apply a sterile bandage. This event is designed to prevent the ingress of microorganisms in an unprotected surface. If the bandage is superimposed, it is fraught with wound infection, which can lead to infectious-toxic shock, reports The Guardian.

Upon the occurrence of the above-mentioned shock in humans, fever, hallucinations, and decreases blood pressure. Especially dangerous this disease for children, from which it flows just a few hours, and not always the doctors can save the patient's life.

To this end British scientists from the University of Bath together with physicians from the Children's burn center in Bristol have developed a bandage, which begins to glow in that case, if in the burn wound appear pathogens.

The bandage has a special composition containing nanocapsules with a fluorescent substance. Trapped in the wound pathogenic microorganisms decompose the nanoparticles, and contained in the paint starts to emit light by ultraviolet radiation. Non-pathogenic microorganisms glow is not called.

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Already tests were conducted bandages on skin samples, and then studies have been conducted in healthy patients. In the future, the developers intend to conduct testing on these patients with burns. According to project Manager Toby Jenkins, this development is extremely important to burn branches, since the annual number of children receiving and burns and undergoing treatment is about 5,000 people.

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