British scientists have described how the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt were struggling with a hangover

Experts from Oxford University and University College London have deciphered an ancient papyrus, which was signed prescriptions to deal with a hangover. It turned out the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt struggled with the condition rather unusual way.

Hangover sick person wove a wreath of Alexandrian Laurel, he had to wear it around his neck. Papyrus has lain in the earth for more than 1900 years, he wrote in the Greek language. Scientists have found a document 160 kilometers from Cairo. Just in this area was found about 500 ancient papers. Deciphering them is to this day.

In other writings of the ancient methods of treatment of hemorrhoids, ulcers, eye pain, dental pain. Even had its own version of the operation to correct the ectropion. To fully understand its course scientists are not able to. We know one thing: the operation was done without any anesthesia.

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