British scientists have begun clinical trials of a vaccine against cancer

Scientists in the UK have joined forces to conduct a global study of the efficacy of the vaccine against pancreatic cancer. Authorship development belongs to the staff of the Cancer center, Clatterbridge.

Scientists say about the combined use of vaccines with conventional therapy, The Daily Mail reports. The standard treatment of tumor - removing it along with the surrounding lymph nodes. However, in the case of pancreatic cancer, this procedure is suitable only for 20% of patients. The majority of patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

The vaccine should be used immediately after surgery. It blocks the process of returning the tumor and metastasis in humans. The main effect of the vaccine is "training" the immune system to recognize cancer cells. It is proved that when cancer of the pancreas, the immune system does not work on cells that spread throughout the body, and gives them the opportunity to settle in any other organ.

There are already the first volunteer, it was a 64-year-old man identified in 2013 pancreatic cancer. Today he gets a dose of the vaccine once a week. Scientists believe that the work is in the right direction. Immunotherapy is one of the components of the neoplastic process.

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