British scientists challenged the effectiveness of vaccination against influenza

British researchers from Public Health England found that vaccination against influenza in most cases does not have any activity and can protect the body against the virus. The application is made on the basis of the following theory: the influenza virus is constantly changing, and vaccines simply do not have time for him.

According to the obtained data, the vaccine works only in 3% of cases. At risk for the flu are young children and people with reduced immunity. For those who are vaccinated against influenza does not believe that scientists and physicians are advised to maintain immunity standard means: eat more healthy food, drink vitamins, tempered and sports. Always in winter, the presence of fresh vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C.

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The investigation was fact caused by increased mortality from influenza in the UK. This year the number of deaths from the disease has increased by 40% and amounted to 25.3 thousands of people over the age of 65 years. The state spends each year, about 100 million pounds to fight the virus.

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