British scientists are on the threshold of discovery of a universal cure for flu

The flu is a very common disease caused by several viruses. He can flow as easily, and in severe forms with many complications. Scientists have for decades been struggling with this disease. Made some progress in treatment and prevention, however, current methods are far from perfect, because the constant mutation of the virus forced scientists each new season to change the composition of the vaccine under the realities of this disease.

The research team of British scientists of the National Institute of health and Imperial College London have come closer to an understanding of the body's defence mechanisms against influenza. They say that they are on the verge of discovery of universal vaccines of new generation.

In 2009 he conducted a number of studies of infection in the field. Scientists wanted to understand why some people with the flu are not ill at all, while others carry the disease each epidemic season.

It turned out that all the matter in CD8-lymphocytes (T-cells are antigen-experienced). Their high concentration in the blood forms a protective barrier against many strains of viruses, including influenza.

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If scientists can find an affordable way to increase their concentration through various incentives, then the problem will be solved with the annual revision of influenza vaccine. At the moment it is developed with constant mutation. In this regard, scientists need to constantly change the composition of the vaccine.

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