British scientists are developing genetic medicine against cancer

The knowledge gained in the field of genetics will allow scientists to come up with the other hand to the study of cancer. The cooperation between the main institutions involved in cancers, will open a new era in the fight with such a severe illness.

British pharmaceutical company plan to develop a new concept of genetic drugs for the treatment of special forms of lung cancer. In the study, researchers will examine the effectiveness of 14 drugs in the treatment of 21 genetic abnormalities identified in the diagnosis of cancer.

"Revolutionary test drugs to find personal treatment methods are the most deadly in the UK cancer will begin this summer, scientists reported. This will be a progressive step, which, according to experts, will open a new era in the fight against cancer," reports the Independent.

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Vice President of innovative medicine AstraZeneca Menelas Pangalos believes that "targeted" drugs - the future of Oncology. The possibility of treating certain forms of cancer with special means to extend the life of patients and to make cancer a chronic disease that can be controlled as bronchial asthma or angina.

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