British psychologists organize sessions of psychological help on Skype

Now to get on reception to the psychologist, the British could not leave the house. Running the program of psychological support on Skype. It is known that in the age of modern technology people have become more difficult to share intimate in person. Remote communication, experts say, can be more productive than real to the person of the 21st century.

The experiment launched in the UK. A number of government clinics offer to arrange a session psychological assistance right at home, while the doctor will take out of his office. Rather the presence of a camera and microphone. Specially for the new services developed a computer program that allows you to monitor the progress of the patient.

Psychotherapists believe that distance communication has several advantages. Before the introduction of online sessions Joanna Bava, expert in the field of psychology, helped their patients via e-mail. Modern people are often busy with family or work issues, and to direct the meeting, you must make an appointment to come to spend half of the day. Skype doesn't take much time, and even saves him.

However, without personal meetings are still not enough. Their effectiveness have been proven to be significantly higher. "Scipture" can be used as an additional method, when the person does not have enough time. In all other cases it is much better to arrange a personal meeting with a psychologist.

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