British physician performs the accompaniment favorite patients movies

Many patients with horror waiting for the day when they will be carried out surgery or any other procedure. But the doctor from the British city of Peterborough managed to come up with a way that eliminates all fears that assailed patients before surgery.

Doctor's name is Richard Griffiths. He works as an anesthesiologist in one of the city hospitals. During his career he had often to deal with various side effects that may occur after the use of General anesthesia. Many patients, particularly the elderly, complain of headaches, fatigue, nausea and tremors.

The medic noticed that elderly patients love to watch different movies and TV shows. He decided to use this observation in our work, pre-interviewing their patients, what TV shows and movies make them get away from it all. As it turned out, the most favorite films were "the Sound of music" and "Blue planet". The leader became the film "Dirty dancing" with Patrick Swayze And Jennifer grey in the lead roles.

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After analyzing the results, the doctor began to offer their patients two ways of anesthesia: General anesthesia or local anesthesia while watching your favorite movie. The majority of older patients preferred the second option. The doctor actually managed to do so, because his patients during surgery was relaxed and didn't even notice how it passes. After the operation the patients feel normal, because any of the mentioned side effects have not been observed.

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