British officials erect Chinese medicine in the discharge of official

British officials from the field of medicine has decided to radically way to modernize the country's health system. Today, it is not excluded the application of Chinese methods of folk medicine in the treatment of known diseases. Health Minister of Britain, Jeremy hunt managed to verify the effectiveness of some methods, and their right to exist in other countries.

Ideally, doctors will use traditional therapy together with Chinese traditional medicine, writes The Telegraph. Under Chinese techniques meant acupuncture, massage and herbal medicines. Many of the center practicing acupuncture for treatment of pain in the lower back. Note, before approving the efficiency of the method has been scientifically proven.

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Herbal remedies used by Chinese healers, interested scientists for a long time. It is known that the Mac and the hen is able to relieve a person from pain. Of course, most of these herbal remedies will have to be tested for toxicity and efficacy. Authorities in Britain believe that the combination of the two medical schools - this is a new step in the development of the country's health.

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