British doctors have restored the heart, not gushing 80 minutes

British doctors, using fifty-electric discharges, could save the lives of sixty mechanics, cardiac arrest which lasted almost an hour and a half.

As told to John Thompson, residing at Northampton, being at home and talking with his wife, he was feeling a sharp pain in the chest. Trying to contact his wife with a request to call the rescue service, an elderly man, not finding the strength, collapsed on the floor dead. According to Anita Thompson, she was confused, absolutely not knowing what to do. After only a few seconds, she rushed to the phone to dial for an ambulance.

Arriving doctors spent the effort to reinvigorate the patient on the spot, but any signs of life they were given. Deciding to go to the end, physicians for half an hour pass through the body of a pensioner about fifty of electrical discharges. Thompson was taken to hospital in Northampton where on the operating table, he was diagnosed with clinical death, but the doctors and then decided not to give up. They pumped unlock a blood vessel that caused the cardiac arrest, continuing resuscitation. To the surprise of the medical staff at men, cardiac arrest which lasted almost eighty minutes, appeared breath.

Medical coma John lasted for nine days. But through the efforts of specialists managed to avoid brain damage, the cause of which could be the lack of oxygen, and to achieve full recovery of Thompson. His salvation was the important role of all members of the medical staff. In recognition of happy men, if he could, he would have shared his piece of your heart with each of them in gratitude.

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