Britain allows operation surgeons AIDS

AIDS is the condition that develops when HIV infection. It is characterized by low immunity due to a decrease in the number of CD4 lymphocytes. AIDS is always associated with the development of many infections that a healthy person proceed easily or rarely (fungal infections of the intestines, for example). Today AIDS and HIV have a pandemic spread, and the problem of treatment is very critical.

UK, 20 years later, a complete ban, approved an invasive methods of treatment, including surgery, surgeons, patients with HIV, reports The Daily Mail. Officials and the scientific community believe that innovation does not affect patients ' health.

One of the few requirements such physicians-surgeons - adoption of appropriate drugs against HIV virus. Regular blood tests should confirm the absence of the virus. Officials believe that among HIV-infected physicians a lot of qualified professionals, which can be lost when saving law. Yes, and such measures will equalize the social status of HIV-infected physicians.

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Only in the UK infected with HIV are 100,000 people, of which 110 are in the health care system. 25% of all infected do not even suspect that the sick. Medical Association is going to release a home rapid tests for the detection of virus for rapid diagnosis.

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