Brilliant people always neurotic, experts say

Among the five qualities that psychologists characterize the type of personality that crept in neuroticism. Other qualities (openness, conscientiousness, extraversion and agreeableness), the study showed, on the genius of no effect, and the neuroticism and talent are inextricably linked, writes The Daily Mail. Van Gogh, Newton, woody Allen neurotics were, say scientists.

The life of a neurotic complex. Every day these people experience a range of emotions from extreme love to fear, anxiety, despair and envy. This behavior is associated with a rich imagination and an inability to tame your brain.

The scientists were even able to find a "panic button" in the human brain. It not only triggers a reaction of fear and anxiety, but is also responsible for the creative impulses. The neurotic people this mechanism is less stable, which explains the presence of geniuses permanent muses and creative impulses.

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