Bright food, improve the appetite

Recent studies of American scientists confirmed the fact: the color of food affects the appetite. With bright, colorful food on the plate causes the desire to eat it even in people who were never hungry.

On the contrary, uninteresting outwardly food, nondescript in appearance, causes and appropriate taste associations. Looking at such a meal, subconsciously considers it to be tasteless, and accordingly, eats less. Even hungry people as boring and unappealing food loses appetite. Although objectively taste qualities pale in appearance products are in no way inferior attractive foods.

This feature of the external characteristics of food is well known and is used by food manufacturers. Bright, colorful packaging is a marketing ploy to attract customers. The confectionary wrappers and candy play a big role in advertising sweet products. The person appears unconscious desire to eat it in excess amount. Thus stimulated increased consumption of products as a result of improved appetite, and therefore is more efficient sales process.

Perhaps another proof of appatichnosti colored food will help people with low birth weight and problems with appetite. While full-bodied consumers of food in a bright package will be aware of the dangers lurking behind the colorful packaging.

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