Briefly about breast augmentation

In recent years significantly increased the population's interest in plastic surgery. In cities there are more and more clinics specializing in this, an increasing number of qualified personnel. Thanks to the dizzying rise of new technologies, even the middle class became available plastic surgery for breast enlargement price which is acceptable.

In most clients of clinics in plastic surgery are women who are dissatisfied with their appearance. Aesthetic problems sometimes can be confusing for most. The figure in this play not the last role. Statistics say that the most frequent reason for surgery is breast enlargement.

The main reasons for dissatisfaction with breast size are hereditary or age-related problems, sagging Breasts after childbirth. Sometimes another problem associated with the large size of the breast. Very large Breasts often frustrating and a problem and in this case, plastic surgery is considered as the optimal output.

Augmentation of the breast is the endoprosthesis. In breast tissue surgically pomeshaut artificial implants. Place them using one of three types of cuts: axillary, inframammary and peripapillary. The best option your doctor will prescribe as all individually.

Implants are silicone capsules, transparent, and soft to the touch. The body's response to implants can be different, and must notify the physician. A natural reaction is rejection, but its degree depends entirely on the biological compatibility of the material of the implant.

When the problem of omission of the mammary glands in addition to the placement of implants is a special procedure for tightening the breast mastopexy. Usually this procedure takes place in the age category of women above 30 years. Often this problem occurs after childbirth or due to heredity.

We should not hope that after surgery, you will immediately perfect shape. It will take time, and the process isn't going to be painless.

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