Bred marijuana without the narcotic effect

The Israeli organization "Tikkun ol", engaged in the delivery of medical marijuana in the hospital, brought a new variety of this plant, which does not cause narcotic effects, but has a good analgesic effect.

The development of such varieties was started in the 1960-ies of the, when it was identified that contained in marijuana is Delta-9 - tetrahydrocannabinol reduces pain and causes narcotic euphoria. So side effects do not interfere with the patients, scientists began to work hard to reduce the content in a plant of this substance and the increase in the content of the marijuana cannabidiol that reduces pain without the intoxicating effects. In addition, cannabidiol helps prevent breast cancer and helps patients with diabetes mellitus.

Now harmless, don't bring a "high" grade marijuana was transferred to the nursery, where he has grown the first plants. However, to sell even such harmless marijuana is Smoking, free sale of this plant in Israel is strictly prohibited regardless of its composition and varieties.

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