Breathing without interference

In Gogol's story the nose got so angry at his master, began to live its own life than he was terribly annoyed. When inattention to the problems of your nose you may be offended not only he, but the entire body. Diseases of this organ violated the basic functions of the respiratory and protective, and it can badly affect your health.

A deviated septum nose no issues. You may not know about it. However, this pathology leads to respiratory failure. As it happens? Very simply: if the partition is curved, that dream you begin to breathe the way you want (by mouth). As a result, the air is not filtered, not hydrated, mucous dries up, drops her immunity, because bacteria nobody fights. This affects the respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular system, and even can disrupt the menstrual cycle. Many are not able to become pregnant. You will certainly wonder: how is it connected? ENT doctors say that a deviated septum nose violates the microcirculation of the brain (specifically in the pituitary gland, through which including normal flows of the menstrual cycle). The advantages of normal breathing is obvious, and if it is the slightest failure you need it faster to restore. Thanks endoscopic method to repair the partition you're already on the next day after surgery can leave the hospital. Operation do not drag out, remember the words - who breathes half-heartedly, he lives half.

If you have damaged mucosa or sinuses can cause changes in brain vessels and allergic rhinitis. When nasal congestion brain is not getting the right amount of air. This occurs intracranial pressure, causing headaches. Allergic; rhinitis leads to a constant: runny nose, sneezing, cough, slezovydelenii. You think obvious symptoms of leprology you and treat, but to no avail! In this case, in order to rectify the situation, ought to consult ENT doctor, who will prescribe the proper treatment.

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