Breathing exercises by Strelnikova method

Mistakenly believe that man should be taught correctly to draw, sing, read and write, and breathe teaching does not need to, because it is given to every man. But this is not entirely true! Unfortunately, most people breathe incorrectly, resulting in so many diseases.

Gymnastics breathing by Strelnikova method is a few tens of rapid movements of the human body, in which the rib cage remains in a compressed state. This method discovered for myself the mother of Alexandra Nikolaevna, which studied voice and was a teacher of singing. Originally Alexandra Severova could not even assume that developed by breathing exercises will soon be able to treat people.

Still the doctor regarding the method of breathing exercises by Strelnikova method does not have a common opinion. Some recognize it, considering it a wonderful treatment for many symptoms and diseases. Others flatly deny the favor, trying in no way to draw any attention to the cases when this breathing exercise has saved lives and health. Other want to get scientific rationale that Alexandra Nikolaevna was not able to give.

The advantages of this technique

How do you think good people, breathing exercises by Strelnikova method is useful because:

• restore the function of organs, which are destroyed by the disease;

• excellent disease prevention, which is available to all people;

• positively impact fully on the entire body;

• you do not need any special conditions of the premises and special clothing;

• the volume of the lungs after the first practice is greatly increased;

• combined with cyclic exercises: swimming, Jogging and walking.

Gymnastics is recommended in such cases:

• chronic lung disease and bronchial asthma;

• bronchitis, sinusitis;

• rhinitis (chronic rhinitis);

• pneumonia;

• neurogenic diseases and neuroses;

• diabetes mellitus, its complications;

• astronauts with hypotonia;

• hypertension;

• stuttering;

• angina;

• peptic ulcer disease;

• loss of voice;

• CHD.

However, it is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that there are patients for whom performing breathing exercises is strictly prohibited, and you can only gentle, very easy manner.

Contraindications: aortic aneurysm, brain concussion, serious spinal injury, hypertensive crisis, and small shifts vertebral disks. And the restrictions are: high blood, ocular and cranial pressure, kidney stones and gallstones, kidney stones. In such cases, you only have to make very smooth and easy tilt. Breath is certainly sharp and noisy exhalation is through the open mouth automatically.

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