Breastfeeding - feeding practices

Breastfeeding, pregnancy, childbirth, is the main mystery of feminine nature. The most useful and adaptable food for babies is breast milk. Thanks to him, the baby receives all the nutrients that promote proper growth and development. It contains immunoglobulins, which from the first days protect it from various infections.

The benefits of breast milk:

- the risk of rickets, allergies, diabetes, anemia is significantly reduced;

- reduce gas, colic;

- reduces the risk of obesity;

- increases the level of intelligence, development, vision;

- reduces the risk of occurrence in children ear infections, diarrhea;

It is established that for the formation of lactation, the child must be put to the breast after two hours after birth.

Before feeding baby breast, the mother should wash the chest and arms, you can use boric acid solution. On the head, a nursing mother should nagivate scarf, and face gauze bandage. The first drops be sure to Express.

The first days of the child should be fed lying down on his side. Holding the baby, the breast is put into the baby's mouth, the thumb holding it so that it does not cut the spout. To ensure that the child is taken into the mouth is not only the nipple, but also captured the areola.

On the first day, the child together with milk receives colostrum, it usually occurs within the first two or three days. After a week the amount of milk increases, and the baby starts to suck more vigorously. Correct feeding lasts about twenty minutes, although some manage to get enough food for ten minutes.

In the following days after the birth of the child it is desirable to feed sitting, leaning back against the back of the sofa or chair. In each feeding alternates chest, i.e. in one feeding one breast, the other another. This alternation allows to produce enough milk. If milk is not enough, you can feed two, but only after the complete devastation of one of them.

When feeding a child must not tackle the air, for this it is necessary to hold the breast to mouth was peripapillary circle completely. After feeding, the baby should take about two minutes in a vertical position, and wait until it will regurgitate the air.

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Before the first month of the child fed 7 to 8 times a day, at night it is necessary to make a break for about 6 hours. Months of age interval between feeding should be 3.5 hours, and five months at least 4 hours. After six months in the night time break between feeding should be not less than 8 hours.

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