Breast plastic surgery - types of implants and methods of operation

Today, plastic surgery is considered to be one of the most popular operations. The essence of the operation is, whatever reducing of the volume of glandular tissue excise excessive skin. The result is the natural shape of the breast with great elasticity and symmetry. As already mentioned, the procedure of tightening does not affect the glandular tissue and therefore does not disturb the function of the mammary gland. As a result, after the surgery, the woman is able to breastfeed. Amount of the forthcoming operation, the number and location of incisions is determined based on the number of excess skin.

In such operations are different kinds of implants that allow you to attach the female breast the necessary form. A large number of varieties of breast implants subdivided according to the following principles: the type of surface, form, location, and the material of the implant.

In production material, specifically for filler implants are divided into: silicone and saline.

Silicone implants give the Breasts a more natural anatomical shape due to the filler is silicone. Silicone option implants has many advantages, among which: natural look, making the Breasts look more natural. As silicone implant is much easier salt, allowing virtually eliminates the possibility of it shifting downwards under the influence of gravity.

However, silicone implants have certain disadvantages. First of all, it's a higher cost, compared to saline, as well as the appearance of longer and more noticeable the scar.

Saline implants unlike silicone have a lower cost. In case of rupture, the contents of the saline implant will not cause any harm to the body. Unlike silicone, rupture of membranes saline implant is very easy to detect. It does not require special procedures.

On the form there are implants round and anatomical (teardrop) shape. The anatomically shaped implants will be the best option as provide a more aesthetic appearance.

The type of breast surface there are two types of implants: smooth and rough.

The total duration of plastic surgery of the breast from two to three hours.

After the procedure you may feel discomfort, which in most cases goes away after a few days.

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